About us

I'm Toronto Patterson Jr from Dallas, TX. Since I was a kid, in Highland Hills, I had the desire to dress well and knew that it came with a cost. So, in 2020, I combined my passion for dressing well and managing my own finances to create a lifestyle brand with a meaningful purpose.
The idea of building a bank goes beyond just acquiring wealth but also involves creating a lasting legacy and establishing a strong financial foundation for myself and others. It's a unique and empowering concept that sets my brand apart.
My purpose is to inspire the dream of a better life as a powerful guiding force that can inspire others to strive for their own success. It's not just about the money, but about the mindset and determination to achieve more and make a positive impact in my community.

I have taken charge of my own financial journey from a young age and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. My brand reflects my personal values and experiences, and it's evident that I'm passionate about what I do.
With motivation, determination, and my unique vision, there's no doubt that my brand will continue to thrive and make a meaningful impact. I will keep building that bank and inspiring others along the way!

My pledge: I will continue to focus on self-motivation and building a foundation while keeping a strong drive to achieve my goals.